Explore some of MAARS's industry leading features.


MAARS fully integrates with nearly any patient management and scheduling application. MAARS can either connect directly to an existing database application or MAARS can ingest a report file generated by any standard reporting system. In either case, MAARS staff will quickly and easily perform any integration that's needed to get your reminders flowing.


Once integrated, MAARS is fully automated. Reminder schedules are generated automatically, reminders are performed as scheduled, and reports are automatically generated and delivered by email. MAARS automation means that office staff can spend their time on more important tasks and won't be taxed by performing repetitive and monotonous tasks which can be easily automated - like reminders!

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MAARS talks back to your staff by providing the reporting that's needed to determine the status of every reminder, during every step of the process. MAARS has both automated email push reports and real-time online reporting.

Report Delivery

MAARS push reports will automatically arrive in your email inbox, giving you timely valuable information about your reminders.

Reminder Ingestion Report

After each list of reminders is loaded into MAARS, an email will be sent alerting you if there were any errors or reminders with incomplete information. The ingestion report allows your staff to manually contact the patients that MAARS is unable to contact, and to update the patient contact information so that future reminders are automated.

Cancellation Email

In the case of a cancellation, MAARS immediately sends office staff an email alert. This alert allows office staff to react to the cancellation according to office policies. Perhaps someone needs to reach out to the patient to confirm the cancellation and reschedule the appointment. Or maybe the newly available slot can be filled with a patient from a wait-list.

End of Day Summary Report

At the end of the day MAARS sends an email with a complete summary of every reminder and its result.

Real-time Online Reporting

All of the data that MAARS emails to your office staff (via our push reporting system) is also available online in real-time. So at any point during the day staff can login to MAARS and check the status of reminders from that day or any other day in the past.

The MAARS support team will work with you to generate recordings for your phone call reminders. A member of your own staff can make your recordings, or MAARS can provide voice narration for you - it's your choice! Whatever you choose, the MAARS team makes creating the recordings easy and fun!

Reminders come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes there's a lot of important information to convey, while other times reminders are simple and straightforward. Whatever your situation is, every MAARS customer can have a unique script. MAARS staff will help you to write whatever message is needed to make your appointments smoother and more consistent for both staff and your patients and customers.

MAARS is a service provider and as such is allowed access to the patient data that is needed to perform reminders. MAARS uses only the smallest possible amount of data needed to perform the reminder and never needs sensitive medical diagnosis or history information about any patient at any time.

All communication between MAARS and our client systems are done with secure encryption technology.

MAARS reminders are never 'diagnosis' or 'treatment' specific.

According to the 2010 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by almost 37 million people aged five or older and happily MAARS supports multiple languages as needed (at no extra charge).

If desired, MAARS allows for appointment reminders to offer a cancellation option. Call and text recipients can press a key to cancel an appointment. Cancellation notices are immediately sent to the office staff (see the Reports section above).

If desired, reminders can be transferred directly to your office staff, all a patient or client has to do is press a key.

While there's no need to install any telephone equipment in your office, MAARS has the capability of using your designated caller-id number. By using your own caller-id number, patients will see that the calls are coming from your office.

For busy signals and unanswered calls, MAARS never charges extra for attempting reminders multiple times! If MAARS gets a busy signal, we'll wait a while and try the number again (up to 3 times!).