About Modular Automated Appointment Reminder Service


MAARS is used to remind appointment holders of their appointments and to give appointment holders options regarding their appointment (like cancellation or rescheduling - please see Features). MAARS can remind in a variety of ways including telephone, email, and text messaging. MAARS can also perform its functions in interesting combinations of ways, such as sending a reminder phone call 2 days and then sending a reminder text message 2 hours prior to an appointment. One client sends 2 call reminders: one at 7 days and one at 1 day, finding that the 7-day calls help prompt cancellations with plenty of time to refill the empty slots, while the 1-day calls fall within the office cancellation policy and prompt patients to show up (on time).

MAARS can also be used for one-off client contact needs. For example, a local clinic uses MAARS to remind all of its patients that flu shots are available on a walk-in basis during certain times of the year.


MAARS is for any person, business, hospital, doctors office, government agency, or other entity that uses appointments to schedule their clients/patients.


Increase Show Rates Studies have shown that reminding appointment holders about their appointments increases their show rates.

Increase Cancellation Rates MAARS removes the ordinary obstacles that appointment holders face when trying to cancel an appointment. Instead of having to call into an office, maybe wait on hold, and eventually speak with a staff member, MAARS allows appointment cancellation with a couple of button clicks. With appropriate notice office staff can fill cancelled appointments.

Increase Revenue The math here works out great for MAARS customers: increased show rates + refilled cancellations = increase revenue. Simply put, using MAARS more than pays for itself month after month.

Professional Service Using MAARS to automate appointment reminders signals to clients and patients that your business is leveraging technology to drive efficiency.

Happier Clients/Patients Using MAARS shows patients that you care about them and their business, and also that you're still concerned about having a 'personal' touch by using the voice recordings made with your staff scheduler.

Happier Staff Once our customers start using MAARS not only are the business owners thrilled about increased revenues, but staff are also thrilled that a super-tedious task has been automated. Once your business is using MAARS you will find that staff has regained several hours every day to focus on other, more important tasks.

Why MAARS (rather than another appointment reminder system)? MAARS has the best blend of features - please see our feature list - at the best value proposition. Additionally, the MAARS team's technical and customer service expertise is simply unparalleled. Try MAARS, you will not regret it!

1 : Discuss and Plan

Talk with our friendly staff about integrating your current Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Patient Management System (PMS), or general appointment system with MAARS. Our staff has tons of experience integrating with multiple systems. We will analyze your specific workflow and write a custom integration that works for your specific situation. Our goal is to make MAARS fully automated so that your staff can focus on other things.

2 : Implement

Once the best way to integrate MAARS with your current workflow is determined, we'll efficiently implement the solution. The implementation will enable your current system to generate a file or set of files that MAARS can use to start making reminders for you. MAARS eliminates the need for additional phone lines and hardware in your office. MAARS can even utilize current Caller ID technology so that it appears that the calls are coming directly from a phone number that you control.

3 : Automate

Once integration and testing are complete and you are happy with the message format, MAARS will begin to automatically and securely transfer the necessary reminder information from your system to MAARS. Then, MAARS will automatically schedule the reminders on your behalf according to your schedule. You pick the days of the week on which reminders are made and the time of day that you would like to have your patients or customers contacted.

4 : Remind and Report

Once the reminders start flowing, you will be amazed at the overall results and the amount of time that your organization is saving. Our scalable servers will be doing all of the work for you! In addition to having the ability to log-in to our website to see your account, you will also receive an email if there is a problem with your daily reminder list, as well as an end of the day email report summarizing your account activity and your reminder results.

Heads up! Call us at 1.877.622.7763 to find out more about how the integration process would work for your organization.
  • Fully Automated, HIPAA Compliant
  • Online Reporting
  • Custom Integration
  • Happier Staff
  • Increase Show Rates
  • Decrease Lost Revenue
  • Professional Service
  • Happier Patients
  • Caller-Id Aware
  • No-cost Busy Signal Callbacks
  • No-cost No-Answer Callbacks
  • No-cost Personalized Messaging