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Defeats Costly Appointment No-Shows

MAARS provides a user-friendly, scalable, reliable appointment reminder service for any appointment based business.

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Increase Show Rates

Studies (please see our JAMA and JABFM links) have shown that telephone appointment reminders increase patient show rates while offering patients the opportunity to postpone or reschedule appointments that they can no longer attend. This results in a direct increase in the number of patients that can be successfully seen. Every missed appointment is lost revenue - stop revenue loss now!

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Great Features

Fully Integrated: MAARS can be fully integrated with nearly any patient scheduling application.

Hands Off (Automated): After initial setup, MAARS is fully automated. Reminder schedules are generated automatically, reminders are performed as scheduled, and reports are automatically generated and delivered by email.

Human Voice! MAARS uses a human voice for the bulk of the voice messaging. Standard set-up includes this at no extra cost. Whether one of your staff chooses to be the voice of your calls or the recordings are created here at MAARS

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HIPAA Compliant

MAARS is a service provider and as such is allowed access to the patient data that is needed to perform reminders. MAARS uses only the smallest possible amount of data needed to perform the reminder and never needs sensitive medical diagnosis or history information about any patient at any time.

All communication between MAARS and our client systems are done with secure encryption technology. MAARS reminders are never 'diagnosis' or 'treatment' specific.